Respite Services

Respite child care is planned alternative care provided for a child by a verified caregiver that is providing care for more than 72 hours consecutively.

The purpose of respite child care:

• Provide relief to the child’s foster parent(s);
• Increase the retention of foster parents;
• Decrease the number of moves children experience; and
• Promote the overall development and permanency needs of children in foster care

Minimum Qualifications:

• Must be at least 21 years of age
• Respite Providers can be single
• Respite Providers can be married
• Respite Providers can be cohabitating
• In order for one spouse to be a foster parent both spouses must be verified to provide Respite Care
• Caregivers living in the home have a health assessment prior to verification
• Meet the requirements in Subchapter F of Chapter 745 for Background Checks
• All families must pass Home Study

If you are interested in becoming a respite provider please contact us using the form below.